Why Heat Wave Causes of Death in India?

The heat wave that hit India some time later resulted in a large number of people were killed. Why is that?

Mengapa Gelombang Panas Menyebabkan Kematian di India?

News – The heat wave that hit India last week did make a scene. Because the temperature reached 50 Celsius, killing about 1800 people due to dehydration. In New Delhi, asphalt roads melted. In the region of Andhra Pradesh, the temperature can rise up to seven degrees Celsius from the normal air temperature.

An expert in the disease Aftab Ahmad of Apollo Health City, said that the main factor that causes the death rate is so high due to heat due to the acclimatization suddenly, thereby disrupting the mechanism of the body.

The body has a natural response to neutralize the heat, namely by removing the heat energy from the body. The heat energy is transferred to the surface of the skin, then dikonveksikan into the air. The hot air will complicate the process of convection heat from the body surface to the outside environment, causing even the heat from the air that flowed back into the body. If it is so, according to Claude Piantadosi, an environmental physiologist in North Carolina, the body will perform the second cooling mechanism: sweating.

Sweating makes normal body temperature by bringing the heat out. But if high levels of air humidity, the sweat disrupted. “The heat with high humidity levels is deadly,” said Piantadosi.

A person’s body should have enough fluid to make the process of sweating. If not, prevent dehydration. The combination of high heat and lack of body fluids is the main cause organ damage. Body heat increases, blood flow faltered, weakened kidney function. If so, the heart works harder to pump blood throughout the body. Severe dehydration also causes blood flow to the brain is choked, the reason why most people who suffer from dehydration pains to think, or making decisions that endanger the safety of yourself.


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